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What is a Form 990, and which one do I file?

Form 990: The annual financial reporting form

The Form 990 is the annual financial reporting form that all nonprofits must submit within five (5) months and fifteen (15) days after the close of their financial year.

The type of Form 990 an organization must file generally depends on its gross revenue and total assets. This chart will help you determine which Form 990 to file. And, do you need to file Form 990s for prior years? This link will provide you with access to forms, schedules, and instructions.

Legal for Good highly recommends your nonprofit organization hire a professional when preparing its Form 990. A couple of trusted nonprofit accounting firms we’re pleased to suggest for your consideration are: 1.) Abdo, Eick & Meyers; and 2.) BerganKDV.

And, YES, signing at the end is still the best part!

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