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We love to work with passionate people. Here’s what people say about working with us:

  • Jenn was a key partner in our efforts to totally rewrite the bylaws of our non-profit organization. She was patient with our volunteer board, generous with her time, and extremely effective in her final product. We wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again!

    Jason DeRusha President of the Board of Governors of National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Upper Midwest Chapter, Morning/Noon News Anchor at WCCO-TV
  • Jenn did a great job and got the work done on time and in a meaningful and thoughtful way. We will most certainly hire her again and again.

    Todd Bol Co-Founder & Executive Director, Little Free Library

A library from our wonderful client, Little Free Library

  • Jenn helped our new nonprofit through the intimidating IRS 501(c)(3) process in an efficient and effective manner. She did a fantastic job of writing the narrative to help us accurately describe our somewhat complex and unique mission, processes, and structure. We appreciate all Jenn did to help us through this phase.

    Melissa Eystad Director of Organizational Development, Little Free Library
  • I have known and worked with Jenn for a number of years when my clients needed legal expertise and when hers needed financial/accounting assistance. Her technical knowledge is impressive, spirit unwavering, and ethical standards at the highest level. And she's a fun person to be around! I recommend Jenn and her firm.

    Jennifer Thienes Consultant, Owner of Jennifer Thienes, CPA, Consulting
  • I have known Jenn for a couple years in different capacities and can honestly say how great she is what she does. If you are a nonprofit you can stop looking for someone else and go with Jenn. She is so knowledgeable on nonprofit law and she actually cares. I highly recommend Jenn and her firm.

    Ben Theis Owner of Skol Marketing, Web Developer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Specialist, Social Media Expert, Internet Marketer, Speaker
ben theis img

Our favorite kind of mail! From Jia Starr Brown, Reaching Up Ministries

  • I had the great pleasure of working with Jenn to help launch a nonprofit. Jenn explained complex requirements in understandable terms, guided me through articles of incorporation and bylaws, and continues to be a great resource. She is a great person in addition to being a great nonprofit attorney. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

    Kelly Rietow Founder at NonProfit Resource Collaborative & Owner of RooSolutions
  • Jenn has been amazing to work with and was very helpful to our nonprofit when we sought out her knowledge and she is so easy to work with! You would be very pleased with Jenn if you chose to work with her!

    Kim Anderson Co-Founder / President at Blair’s Tree of Hope
  • Jenn made starting an Association easy. She is very professional and easy to work with. I will continue to work with her on future projects.

    Elaine Averill Founder of Unbridled LLC
  • I hired Jennifer when I needed non-profit advice. Excellent decision on my part. High praise, she has come up with very creative solutions to benefit our non-profit and community. A++ Could not have done it without her

    Cynthia Ransom Founder and Potion Master at Good Karma Skincare
  • I met Jenn at a Continuing Legal Education seminar in 2012 where I found that she specializes in nonprofit law. I had recently set up my own Minnesota nonprofit and had to do my Federal 1023, and I had a business client who needed help with the entire package of documents. Jenn is personal, reasonable, and comprehensive. She will help you with every facet of setting up and running your nonprofit enterprise. I found her help to be invaluable in every respect.

    Ronald Berglund Founder at Computers Without Borders
  • Jenn stepped in to help two small nonprofits I assist with. She very quickly came up to speed and did everything we asked for quickly and efficiently. Her advice was sound and confidently given. It was a great experience to work with her.

    Kris Worrell Founder at Avanti Theraputic Projects
  • Jenn is great to work with, approachable, knowledge, and professional.

    Winna Bernard Founder at The Show
  • I’ve never heard a group of clients and strategic partners recommend and compliment their attorney more than I do with Jenn’s contacts. Jenn’s knowledge of the nonprofit industry is second to none and that shows through the results and appreciation of her clients. Whether you’re starting a brand new nonprofit, running a long-standing nonprofit, or just simply looking to network with one of the best attorneys in the Twin Cities, Jenn is your gal!

    Geoffrey Engelhart Business Development Director at Salo
  • Jenn was a Godsend for our organization. Her expertise, integrity, and helpfulness were bar none. If all attorneys were as quality as Jenn, the legal industry would have a magnificent reputation. If you are a nonprofit needing legal assistance, I would – without question – recommend Jenn.

    Andrew Hanson Founder at Men Against The Trafficking Of Others (MATTOO)
andrew hanson img

Melissa Maki & Troy Rogers, Founders of Friends of Brad Memorial Foundation

  • Jenn Urban! Where do I start? I have been blessed to work with Jenn as a fellow member of a nonprofit organization. Jenn brought her excellent expertise to bear on this NGO helping put in all the legal documentation for the governance of the organization. She’s far from being a stuffy, fuddyduddy attorney, but an enthusiastic, energizing, roll up your sleeves and let’s get the work done with humor inserted appropriately. When the NGO encountered come challenges and the board chair felt it was in the best interest to step aside because of possible conflict of interest, Jenn stepped up with all the gusto to help drive the plan forward, working with the Executive Director and other employees to keep steady the ship during transition. But wait, there is more! Jenn committed a great deal of her time and talent to this NGO because she was driven by the mission to help disadvantaged high school youth develop a work ethic, enhance their talents, and get the opportunity to go on in their education. And with other challenges that surfaced, Jenn put other things on hold, to focus on trying to resolve the challenges and turn the NGO around. She is extremely thorough, detailed, and conscientious in her leadership of the NGO board and I would imagine her clients have benefited from those same skills. The world is a better place thanks to folks like Jenn!

    Chris Mayr Local Board Member and Colleague
  • Jenn Urban’s deep knowledge of the legal needs of a non-profit from start-up phase to maturity are invaluable. We love her ‘bedside manner’ that is so matter of fact, cheerful, and straight to the point. Her integrity has been proven a number of times and we continue to rely on Ms. Urban as our attorney of choice for our Minnesota public charity, the Stellar Impact Foundation.

    Christy Morrell-Stinson Co-Founder at Stellar Impact Foundation
  • We hired Jenn to get our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in check and she did a fabulous job! She was always courteous, punctual, and paid great attention to the little details. She helped our organization tremendously. We recommend her for any nonprofit who needs a skilled, fun attorney to help their organization! Jenn ROCKS!

    John “JJ” Murray Executive Director, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Upper Midwest Chapter
  • Jenn goes above and beyond when working with her nonprofit clients. Always personable (not a usual trait for an attorney!), and always extremely knowledgeable, I have been blessed to work with Jenn for a variety of needs. She knows how to get the right paperwork done for the right job, and is always there to help. No matter your legal issues regarding nonprofit status, Jenn is your go-to attorney.

    Kay Thibodeaux Treasurer at Alpha Women’s Center
  • Jenn has helped me on both a professional and personal level and has exceeded in both counts! She is very knowledgeable, concise, complete and organized. Jenn truly cares about her clients, which sets her apart from most. When I was starting a nonprofit, she walked me through the process and explained each step, which made what might have been a tumultuous time a very enjoyable education! Thanks, Jenn!!!

    Dawn Grote Lexington Fire & Rescue Auxiliary
  • It was my pleasure to work with Jenn on a project to turnaround a nonprofit organization. In working with Jenn, I found a rare combination of technical and leadership skills in her deep knowledge of nonprofit law combined with her ability to lead a board during very difficult circumstances.

    Brad Brown Senior Vice President at Cheetah Development
  • I have retained Jenn as an attorney to incorporate a nonprofit. She is an expert in nonprofit law and is an outstanding adviser. I have also served with Jenn on the board of directors of the A-List. It is everyone’s opinion that Jenn was the nucleus of the organization and that she put in tireless hours to solve some of the most challenging problems. She is extremely reliable and trustworthy.

    Serge Alain Wandji Senior Intellectual Asset Manager, Cargill, Inc.
  • Jenn is THE go-to person for any nonprofit in Minnesota. She responds quickly and with confidence. She knows the law. She’s great with people. Her explanations are understandable for attorneys as well as her clients. She has advised me in the past and she is my first call for nonprofit law.

    Rebecca Bell rb Legal LLC
  • I have been so impressed with Jenn’s ability to guide a financially distressed nonprofit with tough-minded professionalism, yet a passion for its mission. Throughout a very difficult situation, her leadership, legal expertise, and follow-through were invaluable.

    Carla Pavone Associate Director, Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Jenn is a knowledgeable attorney who is both professional and personable; a valued consultant to our Association.

    Mark VanderBloomer Lexington Fire Relief
  • Jenn Urban has been a collaborative partner of ours in the establishment and ongoing function of the Stellar Impact Foundation and its related initiatives. Her character and integrity are above reproach, her knowledge and technical skills are truly excellent, her wisdom is invaluable, she is well-connected in her field, and most of all, she truly cares about the clients she serves and the causes they represent. It is both an honor and a privilege to recommend Jenn as our attorney of choice in all things related to the practice of nonprofit law.

    Erl Morrel-Stinson Co-Founder of Stellar Impact Foundation
  • Jenn is a consummate professional and extraordinarily well versed in her field. I always turn to Jenn when my clients have nonprofit and related issues. I know that I will get top notch service, excellent advice, and professional representation.

    George Warner Warner Law LLC
  • Jenn is the most knowledgeable attorney in the area of nonprofit law I have ever met. Her dedication to her clients and her commitment to service make Jenn a great business partner to have. That combination of qualities makes it very easy to refer my clients, knowing that, whatever their questions or concerns are, Jenn will get them the correct answer! I recommend Jenn to everyone I know in the nonprofit world.

    Joshua Ellis Business Development Manager, Archetype Signs
  • Jenn has been an awesome addition to our nonprofit organization. Jenn has taken our organization to a higher level, with her knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Jenn.

    Gary Grote Lexington Fire Relief
  • I have consulted with Jenn on a variety of Not-For-Profit Organization issues and she has always been very helpful and pointed me in the right direction. I have referred her to clients of mine and she has done an excellent job servicing them. Jenn is a great resource for my firm and clients!!

    Chris Lewis Certified Public Accountant
  • Running a small nonprofit can be a challenge, especially when you are also a small business owner and father of two! Jenn took the reins and pulled together everything we needed to incorporate our alumni group and charitable scholarship fund. She provided detailed advice and guidance as we navigated all aspects of the process. Jenn is a super resource and I’d recommend her to anyone!

    Matthew Johnson Twin Cities Area Alumni Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity and Twin Cities Area Delta Chi Fraternity Scholarship Foundation
  • I have had the unique opportunity to conduct an interview with Jenn for business marketing purposes. Jenn’s depth of knowledge and commitment to her clients is clearly evident. When it comes to working with nonprofits and charitable organizations, Jenn truly “gets it” — putting the best interest of her clients before anything else. It’s easy for me to recommend her.

    Ben Harris Managing Partner, Sharp Creative
  • I had Jenn help a nonprofit that I am part of. She gave our organization great advice which added confidence to our decision-making.

    Jim Bear The Referral Stream, Investment Advisor and Owner of You Can Get Hired
  • Jenn Urban is an incredible resource for growing nonprofit organizations. Her extensive experience in strategic fundraising and discipline in nonprofit law makes her a uniquely valuable advisor to any nonprofit operation and their board of directors. My favorite part about working with Jenn is her upbeat personality and strong confidence in her work. She absolutely loves her work, her clients, and all things nonprofit. I have sent several clients to her for fundraising advice and board development and hey have always been very pleased with her knowledge and expertise, combined with top-notch client service.

    Angela Eifert Partnerships & Sponsorships
  • Jenn is professional, quick to respond, and organized, which are qualities anyone that practices in business / nonprofit law needs to succeed. Jenn remained calm and cool despite some demanding situations and court appearances that required quick thinking and often late night hours to get filings done on time. Jenn is also genuinely concerned for her clients, and easy to talk with.

    Shauna Kieffer Assistant Hennepin County Public Defender
  • Jenn walked into a potentially explosive situation and, by quick thinking on her feet, was able to block disrespectful leadership from abusing their constituents. She challenged them, none too gently, and was able to block their abusive actions and allow reasonable people to be heard. She afterwards provided excellent counsel to ensure that we were adequately protected. Later, we used her again for another project, a start-up of a new church and found her advice to be excellent and found her personally to be very timely in her work for us. We recommend her without hesitation.

    Steve Hosmer Co-Founder of New Morning Church
  • Jenn is a high-energy attorney that really took our fledgling nonprofit organization to the next level. Her advice was spot-on, and she is very fun to work with. Whenever I got confused with any of the filings or paperwork that government can always be counted on for, I just called Jenn and everything always got explained and taken care of. I can’t imagine that anyone who has ever hired her would have any different opinion.

    Jake Wegner Founder of Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame
  • Without Jenn’s expert work and guidance our nonprofit Prairie Oaks Institute could have never taken all the required complicated steps to complete the North Star Test and obtain Property Tax Exempt status in Scott County. Jenn’s work saved POI thousands of dollars which provided our small 501(c)(3) organization money to put towards our programming. Thanks Jenn!

    Marla Haley Board Chair, Prairie Oaks Institute at Robert Creek
  • Jenn is extremely talented working with area nonprofit organizations to meet their legal needs. Her passion and dedication to her clients is unsurpassed. Any nonprofit would benefit from engaging with her. I openly recommend Jenn Urban and Urban Law.

    Andy Everett Account Manager, Hubbard Broadcasting
  • As a fellow attorney, I give my highest recommendation with respect to Jenn Urban. She is a deep reservoir of knowledge in the nonprofit field. I have had numerous common clients or common colleagues who have told me that Jenn’s expertise and overall approach to working with clients is among the very best. She makes people feel at ease knowing that whatever direction she provides will be the right course to take. Without question, she is a most helpful resource to anyone needing legal guidance in the nonprofit area!

    Luke Enno Independent Real Estate Investor at Enno Assets
  • Jenn Urban is the only nonprofit attorney that I would recommend. Her knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, and I am happy to have met her and to be able to refer her to anyone who might need her services.

    Chris Petersen Operations Specialist at General Mills
  • I’m involved with a number of community and service organizations. Having Jenn as a resource for questions regarding fundraising and minimizing my personal legal exposure is invaluable. Jenn is so knowledgeable, but also so friendly and fun to be around. I recommend that you talk with Jenn if you have any involvement with nonprofit organizations.

    Scott Fricke Merchant Solutions Consultant
  • Jenn volunteered to be on the board of a nonprofit that I represent pro bono. She dove right in and went above and beyond. Her advice is sound on both a legal and a practical level. Jenn is organized and responsive, and it’s been a pleasure to work with her.

    Shaun Jamison Law School Asst. Dean / Social Media Enthusiast
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